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I employ magical thinking and innovation to create unique, one of a kind art pieces for my clients. I pride myself on being a great collaborator, believing that art can heal.  Relying on my 4 decades as a design professional has enabled me to think outside the box when conceiving and executing my creative projects. 


As with any creative endeavor, Vision and Experience are essential building blocks to ensure a successful outcome.  It is my Commitment to the ideal that the outcome benefits all who are involved in a project, large or small, that enables me to create and build successful relationships with those whom I work.

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My background includes working in themed interior environments as a Walt Disney Imagineer, working on projects at EPCOT Center, Disneyland, EuroDisney, Tokyo Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios. I also have extensive experience designing libraries,  cultural arts center and projects in the hospitality industry.

About Michele Iacobucci

The process of working with mosaics and "piecing together" the sum of fractured parts to create the whole has intrigued me not only as an art form, but as a therapeutic process.  I was inspired by the work of the Spanish Architect Antoni Gaudi many years ago.  Working in the medium of mosaic has enabled me to see the objects of my creative intention as well my life, as a composition of disparate elements.